• Curriculum
    At Phoenix Nursery we provide your children with an environment that is safe, nurturing, stimulating, diverse and we encourage personal growth and development for each child as an individual.

    We value parents as partners in your children’s education and we actively involve you in your child’s learning through online learning journals, parent consultations, our parents forum and daily conversations. This facilitates a continuum of learning through your child’s learning both at home and at Phoenix Nursery. We like to support and involve parents to ensure you feel involved in your child’s education and are confident in how your child is progressing. We welcome comments and suggestions which can be given through regular parents forum meetings, questionnaire feedback forms, our parental comments book or suggestion box at the nursery. Alternatively you could complete our online suggestion form by clicking Suggestion.

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the statutory standards that all Early Years providers must meet. It is the law and defines how and what your child will be learning to give them a firm foundation for a successful start at school.

    The EYFS defines 7 areas of Learning and Development. Younger children usually develop in the 3 prime areas first. These are: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. As they grow older, children expand on the prime areas helping them to develop skills in 4 specific areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

    We recognise the importance of child led activities and we endeavor to provide the children a balance between structure and free choice to ensure that they experience all areas of learning, in particular, those areas they find more challenging. The nursery offers a wide range of activities across the curriculum throughout the day.

    Every child in our nursery has a key person who has a special responsibility to take the lead in all aspects of care, learning and development for your child. We encourage self confidence; we recognise positive social behaviour through praise and always support every child to reach their fullest potential. Very importantly, our team will provide adult role modelling that demonstrates positive social behavior.

    Recording your child’s learning journey

    We offer Tapestry – an easy-to-use online learning journal, which helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children’s progress in early years education. Every child has their own online learning journal which acts as a record of their learning and development at the nursery.

    Tapestry enhances this special time during your child’s life, helping practitioners to capture children’s experiences as well as monitor development and learning and ensure effective planning is being upheld for each individual child at Phoenix Nursery. This unique journal is shared online with parents, who are able to see special moments and view their child’s progress. It provides parents with immediate updates on the user friendly app using a password system. Tapestry allows parents to continue their children’s learning at home and contribute as often as they would like to.

    In addition we continue to take great care in providing the children with a carefully presented photo album learning journey. This will document their precious young years they spend with us at Phoenix Nursery focusing more on their social experiences and providing you with a beautiful keepsake of their time at nursery when they leave. These have always proved very popular with parents and children many years after they leave nursery, so we felt it important to keep up this tradition and celebrate our children’s time with us in a special and unique way.

    We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), for which we are assessed by Ofsted. This gives us an outline to work within and helps when developing care and learning plans for the children.
    Under this framework, learning is grouped into the following areas:

    • Communication and language
    • Physical development
    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding the world
    • Expressive arts and design

    When your child moves on to Reception you can therefore be sure they will be well prepared. We are happy to help in this process by inviting their teacher into our nursery to find out a bit more about your child’s interests and development. In addition when possible we would also accompany them to their new school for a visit, making this a smooth as possible transition for you and your child!

  • Local Offer
    Phoenix Nursery Local Offer
    The purpose of a local offer is to enable parents and carers to see clearly what services are available for children with Special Educational Needs and Development (SEND) in their area and how to access them. The following questions and answers form our local offer and shows how we provide for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

    Senco at Phoenix Nursery: Luisa Erzingher

    Qualifications specific to special educational needs development:
    – Senco Training
    – Level 3 award in Speech and language Support for Under 5’s
    – Working In Partnership Through Early Support
    – Early Years SEND Conference – Supporting Inclusion In PVI Settings
    – Signing as a Support for language Training
    – How to be more confident in engaging with parents of children with SEND
    – SENCO clusters

    Additional Qualifications:

    – BA Hons Degree in Education Studies and Early Years
    – Early Years Professional Status