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‘I would 100% recommend Phoenix Nursery to anyone looking for A* childcare. It has a lovely family feel, the staff are amazing and very caring towards the children. My child has been going to this nursery since he was 2 years old and he loved all the activities especially cooking with Claire and the walks in the forest/park. I want to thank everyone for taking care of my boy and I wish you all the best.’
Andreea, September 2020

‘The best nursery in Stevenage. Excellent and professional teachers. Excellent food. My two children attended this school in the last 6 years and I’m so happy about everything. My daughter is still in the nursery and she’s very happy to go every morning.’
Antonella, September 2020

‘Three out of four of my children have attended Phoenix. This nursery is the best! I have been impressed and completely blown away by their consistency, the quality, the passion and the personal interest shown to my children.
My children have strived and this is undoubtedly due to the foundation provided by Phoenix. The team are fantastic and most members of staff have been there since my eldest daughter attended, she’s now 12.
I have and will continue to highly recommend Phoenix to anyone. You will not be disappointed’
Jess, January 2019

‘Phoenix Nursery is a fantastic nursery, my daughter started there when she was only a year old and my son is due to start shortly. They are my hands and heart when I can’t be there for my children.
My daughter loves going to nursery, she has grown in independence and in character. She is loved and nurtured and is thriving as a result. I couldn’t recommend them enough.’
Robyn, January 2019

‘My children have been going to Phoenix nursery for almost 3 years now. It’s the friendliest nursery I have ever been to. The staff are so good with the children’s and it’s family run so I have always felt happy taking my children there when I work as it’s like home from home. The nursery go the extra mile and I have found them flexible, reliable and such a wonderful environment for my children. Knowing my children are happy and cared for makes my day at work so much easier and that’s why even though we live in hitchin we still travel to Stevenage to take our children there’
Claire, October 2017

"Both of my children go to Phoenix and we have known Claire and Luisa for nearly two years now. We have always been very pleased with the level of care they have given to our children and have always been very informative and supportive and always willing to change dates/nursery times to suit our busy work schedule. My son’s learning needs are always adapted to and his behaviour is always reflected at home and improves when he has been to Phoenix. My youngest has grown into a confident little girl since starting at Phoenix. We are very happy and grateful for all the care and education my children receive at Phoenix and really appreciate all their hard work. We are regularly given feedback of how our children are doing and at parents evenings we get to see all their photos and memories. Keep up the good work Phoenix and thanks to all your staff for their help and hard work!"
~Claire & John, May 2016
"Extremely happy with Phoenix Nursery. Every day when my little girl comes in she runs through the door and doesn’t give me a second look. Since starting at the nursery my daughter has learnt so much and you can clearly see the development she makes. All staff are very friendly, smiley and helpful. You can see that they thoroughly enjoy what they do. We always receive regular feedback, we could not ask for anything better."
~Jemma & Mark, May 2016
"So happy with Phoenix, the adults are amazing – always flexible and have time to talk and happy to help out with anything. My daughter loves it here and is so excited to come everyday. I love that I can get feedback daily if I want and any problems are quickly resolved. Just such a happy atmosphere! Well done to all staff!"
~Lea, November 2015
"My son has settled in very well at the nursery. During the settling sessions he was unsettled and it made me very anxious about going to work and leaving him. Well, I need not to have worried as he has settled in very very well. Staff at this nursery are extremely helpful and very friendly. They always have time to talk to the parents and especially new parents. This helped me settle back at work and now it is very easy to see the changes he has made. His social skills have improved greatly and I am very greatful for all the hard work that the staff put in. We have definitely made friends for life and I count myself lucky as Rhys did not have to have a bad experience at any nursery before coming to Phoenix. Thank you for lowering the minimum age. No words will explain how happy we are"
~Catherine, June 2015
"My baby has settled in to a comfortable home from home environment. The staff have made a close relationship with him and he has quickly been able to develop a trusting fun bond with them. Nursery has made sure that Mum and dad have been supported and involved with Ed’s time at nursery. We know by Ed’s reaction on arrival and pick up from nursery that he enjoys being here and is happy and content. Thank you to all staff"
~Jacqui, April 2014
"We are very happy with how well our daughter has settled in at Phoenix Nursery. She really enjoys all of the activities and has been given lots of opportunities to interact with the other children, which is really helping her social skills. We are extremely pleased with care she has received and all of the staff are always friendly and helpful"
~Beki and Dave, February 2014
"I am so happy with the care my daughter receives here. She enjoys coming and gets so excited, I feel she has developed so much from attending here. I was so nervous about coming here but I feel so comfortable leaving her here. Thank you so much."
~Jade, October 2013
"My daughter has been at the nursery for nearly two years and has loved every minute, but now she is ready to go off to school. All the staff are the best around and it is lovely the fact that the same staff are always here. My son started at nursery this year when he was a year old, he settled in very quickly and loves coming here every day. The snacks and meals are wonderful and have helped both my children develop healthy eating habits. So glad the nursery was recommended to us, don’t know what we would do without them."
~Claire, July 2013
"I don’t know what I would do without the support of the nursery. My daughter has been at the nursery for two years now and she has grown so much, miss independent full of confidence and a chatterbox. She took to the nursery instantly so when we found out about baby number two one of our main concerns was childcare. Knowing I had to return to work when baby would be twelve months we had a dilemma of which nursery to put her in for six months as Phoenix’s intake was eighteen months. In passing I mentioned to Claire how great it would be if she lowered the age and the response I got touched me…she said she would find out about it and try if possible. A few months down the line, relief, the nursery said it would take twelve month babies..yippee! After having my baby the guys have been so supportive, doing drop odds and pick ups with a newborn isn’t easy and they were so flexible and supportive. We reduced my daughters hours to her government entitlement and Claire suggested to attend ‘am’ or ‘pm’ so she would not miss out from a learning point of view. My baby’s settling in period started early December it was a breeze, her first days were a bit tearful but that was to be expected. A month in and she loves it! Playing with all the children, so much confidence and she must love the food as her cheeks are getting bigger every day! This place is great, the kids love it and all the staff are so supportive and flexible. They always have an answer for any problem you may face, I’m so glad they are part of our lives"
~Tina, February 2013
"My daughter has grown in confidence and independence slowly but has done so well due to the nurturing and support of all the staff who work with her. We feel confident and happy that she is cared for in the best way possible and enjoys her time at nursery. We feel that she has built a strong bond with her key person who is very supportive and caring and makes us feel at ease as parents. Thank you to all the staff at Phoenix – you do an amazing job and we wouldn’t want our daughter to be anywhere else"
~Ashleigh, January 2013
"My son is having a lovely time here at Phoenix Nursery. Since he started last September, everyday, when I pick him up he always says ‘mum I like this nursery’. He is always happy to come to nursery. Since he arrived here he speaks better English than he did before. he is also interested in drawing and writing. I can only say that it is an extremely nice place to bring your child, he/she will feel welcomed and supported all the time. It is a shame I did not know this place before, my older son would have benefitted for coming here."
~Cristina & Isaac, December 2012
"Our son has been attending Phoenix for two years and he is a changed child. He eats a variety of foods which he didn’t eat before. He is a very stubborn child, but through the guidance of the excellent staff he has become a happy and very open child. He interacts so well with other children, his manners are impeccable and this is all thanks to the input of the staff. The care given is honestly the best I have ever experienced. I have used many child carers and I am also childcare trained and would never have thought that I would feel so comfortable leaving my son in the care of others. Thank you so much for all you do. I do not know what we will do without you all"
~Hayley, July 2012
"My daughter has had a fantastic time in this place. The set up is great, she loves being in Claire’s school and always looks forward to coming every morning. I feel that she is treated as an individual and she is noticed even amongst other children. Thank you so much for helping create her into a confident young lady"
~Anom, July 2012
"My daughter has acquired remarkable skills whilst at Phoenix Nursery. The nursery teachers have been very supportive to child and mum. The structure that my daughter has with the support from nursery has been great. I have recommended the nursery to all my friends. By the way, thank you for the recent farm trip"
~Thoko, July 2012
"Our son Harrison has attended the nursery for the past couple of years and it has been fantastic. The whole experience for both Harrison and us as parents has really been something to remember. There is incredible support for children with set learning techniques which enable children to try new things and develop their skills. All the staff are knowledgeable about each individual child with regular updates for parents in the form of parents evenings. The nursery is always flexible and welcoming with childcare arrangements which are a great help for working parents. The nursery are always doing something new to encourage learning with different themes and events to help with life skills. We feel the nursery has gone above and beyond preparing our son for ‘big school’."
~Daniel & Kayleigh, July 2012
"Well what can I say, a fabulous place to leave my son. After only one week of settling in he is already very happy running off and shouting ‘bye’ when dropped off. Very friendly staff and a fantastic environment with lots of things to do. Would recommend to everyone"
~Selina, June 2012
"My daughter is 18 months and I was a bit nervous when I had to use a child minder as my wife works. A friend recommended Phoenix Nursery. I came in to see the facilities and services they provide. My little girl has settled in so well within a short period of time. She is able to feed herself and has developed wonderful social skills. The staff are very polite and work very well with the children. I am always confident when I leave my little girl behind as I know she will get the best care and he is in good hands."
~Francis, May 2012
"This is a fantastic nursery! My eldest daughter came here and she progressed so much, she started reception recently and the teachers were amazed as to how much she learnt at Phoenix. My other daughter also attends and she used to be very quiet and shy at first, not wanting to interact, but now she is a confident and bright child who loves coming to nursery and has many friends. She has learnt so much here. The staff are very supportive and friendly, just like family, I have recommended Phoenix to friends and other members of my family. Just brilliant"
~Heather, April 2011
"Oscar has now been attending for a few weeks, after a bad experience with a previous nursery I was worried about starting somewhere new. I didn’t need to be worried, the staff here are so welcoming and friendly. The getting to know you sessions were great for me and my child. I was reassured how great a nursery it would be. My son is so happy here I don’t even get a goodbye before he struts off into the room. On first impressions I could not believe how friendly and confident the children were. They were all so lovely accepting my son into their nursery. We love it here, I’m so glad I moved him!"
~Jody, April 2011
"I can’t praise the nursery enough. The staff are so supportive to the parents. My daughter moved her from a previous nursery and we were amazed by the difference, she has grown so much and all for the better. We noticed a massive change. The carers are so friendly and personal with the children and parents. She loves it here!"
~Tina, March 2011
"I have used many childcare providers for both of my children and not one of themj compare to Phoenix. The staff are friendly and very interested in every part of the children’s learning and well being. As a parent I feel there is no better place to leave my child when I go to work, it is such a relief to leave my little boy happy. Since my child started Phoenix he has changed into a different child. He is now very positive and extremely happy to attend, he has many friends and is eating and trying more foods than before he started. He is due to leave Phoenix in September for the start of school but I am already wondering how anything will compare to Phoenix. It is a fabulous place and I recommended it to anyone who may be looking for childcare. Thank you all"
~Anom, March 2011
"My daughter always has an enjoyable experience in the nursery. All staff are very friendly, supportive, caring and very creative. My daughter has developed different skills during her time here, her communication, learning and people skills have been developed. As a new parent I find the staff to be excellent and the environment is very neat. I am very happy as a parent to see my child is enjoying every aspect of nursery"
~Anom, February 2011
"This nursery is very good and the staff are amazing. They have helped my son through a difficult time and I would recommend it to anyone. Many thanks."
~Seeng, February 2011
"My daughter has progressed and developed so much with her vocabulary, creative skills, makaton (which she loves) and so much more. This is so much better than her previous nursery. The staff are friendly, pay attention to our children’s development and the fees are much more reasonable than other nurseries in Stevenage. I have also admired how the staff embrace the different children’s cultures. Thank you."
~Thoko Waungana, February 2011
"I would just like to say how wonderful this nursery setting is. My son, now 14, came here, and now my daughter. The staff are kind, reassuring, open and honest. The care given is above and beyond. My faith in the staff caring for my daughter is extremely high. My son, now attending senior school, still talks about the nursery, and will pop in with me when I pick up his sister to say hello. I think that action in itself says just how much he thinks of the nursery and staff. Just like family, excellent nursery which I would recommend to everyone."
~Anna Hale, January 2011
"‘My daughter has been attending Phoenix Nursery for just under a year, it was a difficult decision to move her, as every parent knows finding a good nursery and getting them settled in is never easy. You don’t really get to know what a nursery is like until your child has been attending for a few months.. However, we need not have worried, it was the best move we made and only wish I had found the nursery sooner. Claire and her team are amazing, couldn’t fault them even if we wanted to. Every comment is taken on board, we had a small request with the menu when our daughter started and they were very pro-active in accommodating us. In the 11 months we have been at the nursery we have never seen an unfamiliar face/agency person once. Everyday you are met by the same members of staff, Claire, Jo, Nicola or Luisa. You get daily reports and newsletters about up and coming events. My daughter absolutely loves the nursery, the only tears I have experienced is once when I went to collect her and she told me she wasn’t ready to leave! Dropping her off is amazing as she skips in, unlike the previous nursery she attended where we were constantly meet by new faces and my daughter would be in tears. Phoenix nursery is absolutely amazing and we cannot praise it enough. The amount of effort they put into running the nursery is amazing, the experiences my daughter has gained since attending have been brilliant, she has meet firemen/woman, police people and the ambulance service and told me “Mummy if you get lost a policeman will help you get home”, quite amazing for a 2 year old, I am not sure any other nursery offers this level of service/childcare! Please keep up the amazing work you are doing.’. "
~Sharon Bernard
"‘The nursery is situated in a nice and quiet corner of Chells. For 2 years, it has provided us with peace of mind and flexibility. The staff are warm, friendly, very caring and professional. The head of the nursery has a special and individual relationship with each child regardless of their background. She has managed difficult and challenging situations very professionally and with good outcome. She managed to incorporate my special request into the curriculum at no added cost. As we worked together through the months, I have been impressed with the attention given to learning through play, letters and sounds, role play, hygiene and potty training, introduction to important role models like the police and fire service to name a few. She has been very flexible and understanding when difficult situations arise like late pick-ups. In addition, the nursery has gone a step further and provided peace of mind with baby sitting, late pick-ups. The children love the nursery and are very happy there. I have used the nursery for the last two years and seen my baby grow into a knowledgeable and polite little boy. Thanks to staff at Phoenix nursery, my little boy is all set for ‘big school’.’"
~Lola Osoba
"'I would like to say that you can quote from me that I feel that you have always worked closely with me with regard to the best interests of my child. I was pleased for my child to be part of a close knit group which includes a diversity of children with differing abilities and ethnicity. I would recommend your nursery to anyone who is interested in their child becoming the person they are meant to be and to support them to reach their own personal potentials.’"
~Trish Burton